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101 List - TipsnTricks

This is an ongoing 101 compilations of tipsntricks around the web, let's this get started.

1. Create a folder without name
          right click --- >  make a new folder ---- > delete the current name, and press Alt 255
          and Enter

2. Harddisk quick formatting
          go to Start ---> Run ----> type command ---> type format d: (the drive you wish to
          format) /q 

3. Changing Facebook URL or Facebook Name
          Enter this and follow the steps. You will need to 
          verify  your name through mobile phone.

4.  Mozilla Firefox Password Add-on
          Simply install this add-on

5. Finding related websites (change to your preferred webiste)
          Input this code on google or go to

6. Invisible Folder
          Create new foler > rename it by pressing F2 and hold alt 0160
           Now right click the folder and select properties > Customize tab and click on change
           icon. The technique here is to choose an icon that is invisible, and you're done.
6. Notebook Diary
          Creating this will automatically saves the date everytime you open your notepad file.
          Open Notepad > input .LOG and press enter
          Save it with any name and close the file.
          Open it again and everything is set.

7. MP3, Music Download
          Go to Google and input this code: -inurl:(htm|html|php) intitle:"index of" +"last modified" 
          +"parent directory" +song title +(wma|mp3) "artist"
           Change the "artist" and 'song title"

8. Clean out Your Gmail  Inbox
           Simply search for this "in:inbox is:unread" without the quotes. Select All and click  "Select all conversations that match this search".  Click More to Mark as Read.

           You can change the in:inbox to in:bulk or any folder that you want to filter.