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Friday, September 17, 2010

Remembering Chris Benoit - Concussions in Sports

Doctors point to "tangible evidence" that ex-wrestler Chris Benoit suffered from a dementia that so impaired his judgement that he killed his wife and son before taking his own life.
Chris Nowinski

Former wrestler Chris Nowinski felt that Benoit's behaviour might have been caused by years of concussions.
The hunt for clues linking damage Benoit had done to his brain in the ring, and his last, ghastly acts, began with a phone call from the former wrestler and Harvard graduate,Chris Nowinski, to Mike Benoit for the brain of his dead son. Nowinski had a theory about the cumulative effects of years of concussions on the brains of athletes like Chris Benoit.
Nowinski had himself taken enough hits in the ring and on the football field to appreciate the long-term damage of concussions.
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Chris Benoit Signature Move
 No one did expect that a good guy like him could do such act.  Wrestler like him should seek the help of doctors and physical annual exam should be mandated to avoid this from happening again. 

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