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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cheap Samsung SE-SO84D Slim USB with AV Player DVD Writer

Slim external SE-S084D has a stylish design that can go well with todays PC trend represented by slim laptops and net-books. It comes in 7 colors to be matched with PCs of any color and thus gives more choices to consumers

iF product design award winning chic design: 
Curved surface creates a sense of smoothness
Touch-type eject button applied for the first time to ODD 
iF product design is one of the worlds three greatest design awards 

Maximized portability of slim external ODD: 
Operable through simple connection with USB battery
Size 20% smaller and weight 25% lighter than the conventional models 

Perfect performance as ODD, excellent portability surpassing all competitors products, and chic design: 
SE-S084D SE-S084D will be the best choice to the modern consumers who desire both performance and style 

AV connectivity equipped for the first time in the world: 
Enables direct connection to TV or other AV devices, just like external HDD or USB memory 
Plays multimedia files like moving pictures and image files on the display 
Equips SE-S084D as one of a kind ODD that has multimedia function as well as data storage function

First ODD with Touch Eject button:
ODD tray opens up with a light touch - no need for push button 
Supports MACOS and Windows 7 technology
Acquired formal certification from APPLE and MS

I had a hard time finding a cheap and stylish external dvd writer but thank goodness I found this item and, bought it for PHP 2100 only at COMPlink store in Park Square I Ayala Center, Makati. I checked the other stores but I guess that they have the best deal for this item. This is a "best buy" item!

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