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Friday, February 25, 2011

Pale Moon The New Firefox

Most of my friends uses Mozilla Firefox because of its friendly interface and having the feature of  installing several add-ons that is very useful for work and even for personal use. Firefox is almost perfect but the only thing that bothers us is the RAM usage which is incredibly high.

The answer is already here with the new Firefox "Pale Moon" project. It is specifically design for Windows Operating System only, and known to be 25% faster than the usual Mozilla Firefox.

Main Features:
  • Highly optimized for current processors
  • 100% Firefox sourced: As safe as the browser that has seen years of development.
  • Uses slightly less memory because of disabled redundant and optional code
  • Significant speed increases for page drawing and script processing
  • Support for SVG and Canvas, downloadable fonts, WOFF and some HTML5
  • Support for Firefox extensions, themes and personas
  • Support for OOPP (Out-of-process plugin execution)
  • Able to use existing Firefox profiles, bookmarks and settings with this migration tool
System Requirements:
  • Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Seven, 32-bit or 64-bit (64-bit are not natively supported, but the browser will run fine on them)
  • A modern processor with SSE2 support like a Pentium IV or Athlon 64 or later (see list of supported processors) Standard Pale Moon will NOT run on Athlon XP processors! Please GO HERE if you are running on an Athlon XP or Athlon MP processor machine.
  • 64 MB of RAM (128 MB or more recommended)
  • At least 50 MB of free (uncompressed) disk space
Download Pale Moon browser and enjoy fast surfing.

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