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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

PureandHealthy Launches New Pay with a Tweet Campaign

prlog - PureandHealthy by Nu-ture provides its valued customers with a prize-winning range of the most natural, pure, and healthy Dietary Supplements and Personal Care products around.

To make it even less complicated for consumers to try out our offerings, PureandHealthy is launching a great new social media-driven initiative that inspires buyers to spread the wonders of PureandHealthy on Twitter. In return, each shopper will be granted a $10 Coupon recoverable at the PureandHealthy by Nu-ture online storefront at

“When you have a product you can trust, you would like everybody to know about it. This new initiative actually inspires the community to recommend PureandHealthy to the people they care about. I believe it's superb that we are able to actively engage everyone that uses and believes in the advantages of the PureandHealthy by Nu-ture line,” says Amanda Hamilton, spokesman for PureandHealthy by Nu-ture.

To receive a free $10 Coupon, all our buyers should follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Push the "Pay With a Tweet" button at
  2. Sign in to Twitter and post a Tweet talking about our PureandHealthy variety of products.
  3. Shoppers will then be directed to a page where they can redeem their free $10 Coupon and select from our range of all natural health and wellness products.


PureandHealthy by Nu-ture offers Dietary Supplements and Personal Care products rich in natural goodness. Our range of vitamins, supplements, resveratrol, shampoos and conditioners, moisturizing creams, anti-aging creams, and complexion creams are made from only the purest ingredients available, each rigorously tested, and manufactured using Earth friendly standards and processes, sustainable resources, and fair labor practices.


  1. Just got my $10 Off coupon! Thanks for sharing this great deal. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing! I'll try this out! :P