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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Yahoo Messenger Not Showing Text - Resolved

I actually have no idea that our Yahoo Messenger is not working properly 'coz I seldom use it - as in "once in a blue moon". That's how anti-social I am *laughs*

Last Monday I decided to open my account, and to my dismay I'm unable to see the messages I sent to one of my closest friend in Dubai. So instead I just then decided to use my Ymail account to have some chit-chat with her. Yeah, momentarily the problem is solved but still not a permanent/best solution. 

Maybe I'm in the mood today to find solution to this issue, so here's the fix to your problem dude! Make sure to exit your Yahoo Messenger before doing the steps.

First step:  Go to Start and click Run

Second step: Type regedit and click OK

Third step: Look for this HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft\ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Internet Settings \ Zones

Fourth step: You should only see 0, 1, 2, 3 folder items under Zones. If you see any value or special character other than that, delete it.

Open your Yahoo Messenger , it's all fixed now!

Just wanna share this screenshot - it's the first thing I did after doing those steps.

Lol, love the new features of YM 11. The kitten is licking the screen : D Time to sleep now, it's already 1:30AM here.

Hope you enjoy this simple tipsntricks!


  1. I have followed your directions and it is working again. I did something that I believe I didn't need to do. I deleted in zones number 4, is that bad?

  2. @Anonymous I'm not sure about that, but for as long as your PC is running and your YM is okay well I guess it isn't a problem at all.

  3. Thank you. That was brilliant.

  4. Thank you so much for the tip... It worked..

  5. Stand me corrected guys, the cat licking the screen is not YM 11 feature. It's sweetim add-on ^_^

  6. Thanx a lot .....i was really having tough time resolving same issue....and your solution ...worked ..finally....thx


  7. thanks dude its really a big help!

  8. It works, thanx a lot.

  9. hey fellow.,.thanks for the tip.,really helpd me,.thanks a lot sir,.

  10. the best tricks & tips

  11. Doesn't work bro!

    1. It sure works coz I tried it myself! Try it again :)

  12. I tried it there was no box sign to delete, what do I do pls ? my mail hope to hear from you soon.

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