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Tuesday, April 12, 2011 Proof of Purchase - Groupon Philippines

The Ensogo business was founded around a moral vision, "Make a profit, while making a difference." Group buying is really addicting, and sometimes I feel guilty that I got to spend my money for services that's not a necessity. However, knowing that most of this group buying Philippines sites shares a portion of its profits to a charity is a big relief on my part *sigh*

Anyway, here's an Ensogo proof of purchase I made for my friend. I'm posting this for you guys not to have any doubt on purchasing from this site.

Remember, they are giving 3% of their revenues and sometimes they even give 100% of their revenues on a local charity.  How do you feel about group buying?


  1. Yes i found out to their site that part of earnings proceed to charitable work. I love helping people mostly children and I'm glad that Ensogo is very beneficial because I'm saving money buying their great deals and helping at the same time! :-)

  2. That's the good side of Ensogo, but just like any other discount sites their customer support is unreliable and irritating.