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Tuesday, April 19, 2011 Proof of Purchase - Group Vouchers Philippines

It took me almost an hour before I finally decided to take advantage of this treatment. Actually, they have two deal postings, one on Metrodeal and the other one is here at Tipidto

What are the factors that made me decide which one to choose?
Of course the deciding factor for me is the redemption date, and the second one is the type of services bundled for the deal in which has favored to The package includes Hair Rebonding with Haircut, Oil treatment and  Back Massage for Php 1000 only, and you can redeem it as soon as 7 days after purchasing.

Well, sorry I need it asap :-) Sometimes deals are a bit tricky. You have to have a keen eye on spotting,which  Philippines discount voucher sites have the best offer. 

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