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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Free RIFT Trial

The hit MMORPG Rift Online now offers a referral  Ascend-A-Friend program that will give your friends a 7-day free trial much like WoWs Refer-a-Friend. 

Rift subscribers can get the unique recruitment link via the official website and you just share it with your friends and invite them in, then the program will link your accounts with your friend permanently.

You  will be rewarded with cool in-game items comprising from a courage companion pet to a flaming horse mount once your friend decided to purchase Rift after the trial period. In addition, your friend will receive a special title - "The Chosen" that will permanently linked to you, able to teleport to one another's locations once every 30 minutes.

Well, it's now your chance to play free Rift online, and decide whether to buy the full version and pay for the monthly subscription fee. But before you continue, check the Rift Planes of Telara System Requirements.

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