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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pisobid an Online Penny Auction in The Philippines

What is a penny auction site? 
A penny auction is an auction where bidders pay-per-bid for an item and the time increases with each bid. The winning bidder is the bidder whoever is the last to bid when the timer counts down to 0 seconds.

This kind of online shopping craze in the USA is all new to me, and I first heard of it when my boss presented this on our meeting. The idea of getting an item for a cheaper price through bidding is something that will excite shoppers at the same time will develop your strategy skills.

Pisobid is a known penny auction site in the Philippines that offers exciting prices. Get big savings on  gadgets like cellphone, camera, laptop and electronic products by participating on bid auctions.


  1. Pisobid generates its income from the bidders who but bidpacks. It became popular soon after its release. Meron din silang ina upload na mga videos sa kanilang mga winner to prove na walang bots involve at dinideliver talaga yung item. Meron din silang stand by na support for the you sa facebook, twitter and email if you have questions and inquiries. And one thing for sure, Pisobid is not a scam.

  2. This is a very interesting article. I also tried the and I even bought 1k bid pack but I haven't won any. I read a lot of tips from the net and maybe I'll win next time. I am skeptical with this until I win in the future. I also saw and it seems mas konti player dito kaya hopefully mas madaling manalo. :) I also found referred by a friend who won there an itouch. Bago lang yung site pero nakita ko in actual yung item na napanalunan nya. Siguro, greater chance of winning dito dahil konti pa lang bidders dito. This are just my opinion.. share nyo naman experiences nyo because I am still new sa mga ganto. :)

    1. Thanks sa input! Hindi ko alam na may mga new penny auction sites na pala sa Pinas, try ko minsan.

      Actually, hindi pa rin ako nanalo at parang mahirap nga sya.

  3. For me, PisoBid is the most honest and trustworthy penny auction site sa Pilipinas. Reason?

    1. Ang dami na nilang winners with pictures and testimony pa yung iba.

    2. I think mag wawanyear na sila
    3. Lahat ng nagsususlputan na penny auction site, sa PisoBid din base

    4. sila nauna ng lahat ng mga penny auction site.
    5. Ang dami ng Na BAN na mga bidders meaning lang nun na closely monitored ang site nila.

    6. They have customer support who si always there round the clock.

    Ano pa ba gusto ng mga tao? Safe na safe na nga oh..

    If you ask me ano na ang nakuha ko, dalawa pa lang. Pero 10,000 pa lang nagagastos ko.

  4. I think PisoBid is the best site to play your money. Played with Bilibis but I think ako lang ang piniperahan nila. Played with but halata naman ang mga bots nila. Played with BidangBidder but nawala agad, meron pa akong natira na bids.

    While here in PisoBid, I won Samsung digicam and a couple of GC. Tapos newbie lang ako nun when I won the items. Sarap ng feeling.

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