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Monday, November 21, 2011

Philippines Discounted Quality Shoes From

Price range from  PHP 1800 - 4000

Who is
Brandsfever is a members only exclusive private shopping club in Philippines. They offer their members exclusive access to trendsetting international brands at up to 70% off.

Mode of Payment: Credit/Debit Card or Paypal
Shipping Fee: PHP 300 (products will be delivered to Manila from Singapore)

I already purchased from and I can say that their products are all in good quality. They even included a personalized "thank you card" which made me feel special :D You can see that they are dedicated sellers who knows how to value their customers.

My suggestion is for you to buy several items within the campaign period to maximize the shipping fee.


  1. Hi, did they deliver the products directly to your house or through the post office?

    1. Standby, don't purchase yet because my last order is currently on hold in our postal office. They are asking me to pay 800 pesos before releasing.

      I will keep you posted on this.

  2. It will be delivered directly in our house. Though, sometimes it takes almost a month receiving the item.

  3. To order shoes online. I personally recommended ShopthisEasy, they sell men and women shoes in the Philippines at the price you can afford.