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Sunday, March 25, 2012 Feedback and Review

Last February 9, 2012 I purchased a Puma Watch Loop Watch from Maybe the reason I bought that is because I was attracted to the photographs posted on their ads, which turned out not to be the same colors that they are selling. Yeah I admit that it was my fault since I did not pay attention to the product details.

I know myself a lot, in which I can say that I have enough patience and understanding to any given circumstances and situations. However, the process I have gone through in purchasing this product has pissed me off. 

First, I have been calling their customer support for almost a week to make a color reservations but I had no luck.

Second, I emailed them to let them know that I cannot connect through their phone line that's why I decided to make a reservations through email. Bet yah, I did not receive a confirmation email :(

Third, this is the time that I was able to talk to their support and able to make a reservations. The time where I also discovered that the color yellow that I want is not included on their list. Okay my FAULT, so I told the CS that I will have the light blue color instead.

See the photo posted

Here's what on the product details

Available in Light Blue, Pink,  Yellow / Black , Yellow / Green , & Blue / Black

Can this be considered as false advertisement (marketing tactics) or a negligence on buyer's part? You'll be the judge!

The redemption period was supposed to start on February 24, but dagnabbit it did not happen. I called their CS asking if I could now claim the watch but she said that they are having problem with the merchant. All right be it, I did not argue instead I asked her if they are going to inform me once everything is okay. She said that they will try to email me but it's highly suggested that I give them a call to confirm.

A week has passed and I received a text message letting me know that I can't still claim the product. Having read the phrase "we are sorry for the inconvenience", and they already coordinated with the merchant is enough for me not to get angry (though I'm already annoyed). 

That week I also received a phone call from their CS, assuring me of the redemption on Friday. I said to myself "their support is much better since they are giving me an update." 

Oh boy, it did not happen again! I can't clearly recall from which I received the advisory, if it was from a phone call or sms message. 

A week before the delivery, a staff from the merchant called me letting me know that the light blue is not available. Is this what I'm getting after waiting almost a month for that watch?!!! Okay, I'm not in the mood to argue (even if I know that only 10 items were sold so how come you cannot give me that color) so I just said that I will have the yellow/green color.

The following day, I asked my friend Rakee to accompany me to get the watch. FINALLY, I GOT THE PRODUCT!

All I can say is I feel betrayed and have been given a low quality of service as a paying customer. The only good thing here is I did not use my hard earned money, but instead the PHP1959 referral credits on my account.

This is going to be a different story if  that was my own money, that's for sure!

Based on my observations, Groupon Philippines companies will here to last if they can PROVIDE AN EXCELLENT SERVICE AND QUALITY CUSTOMER SUPPORT.

What are the factors you consider when buying on an online discount voucher websites?


  1. Hi, there. Thank you so much for your honest feedback and we deeply apologize for any inconvenience we have caused you. We at MegaDeals strive to always make the buying experience smooth and enjoyable for our customers and, for the most part, we succeed. Your feedback has helped us zero in on areas that we need to improve on. We know your experience has turned you off our site, but we hope that you will give us another chance, because we do have great deals and discounts and we are working on coming out with more and better. We believe that group buying benefits both consumers and businesses by allowing them to connect in a way that was not possible before. Again, thank you and we guaranty that this shall not happen again with any customer.

    1. Let's just hope that it will no longer happen to any of your buyers ;)

  2. Good Day!

    I would like to ask if I can order only a Strap band of PUMA Men's PU910801017 Loop or is there any available of that strap band? thank you