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Friday, May 15, 2009

New iPhone Colors, Taste The Rainbow!

At first glance eyeballing iPhone in a rainbow of vivid color offers an instant jolt of stimulation to the frontal lobe. After closer review these two-tone iPhone concepts start to look cheap and very non Apple-like. The white base is a real deal breaker for me.

When the Nano Chromatic iPods first burst onto the scene they inspired awe with a combination of sleek design, an ultra thin profile and a refreshed housing. Apple somehow did it again, re-imagining the iPod in a way that had everyone jumping for joy.

Iphone_red This concept brings little freshness to the iPhone party besides a splash of color. Getting caght up with what appears to be a brushed aluminum finish is a mistake that's certain to end in a scratch-tastic pile of regrets. The Business Insider posted this same photo asking the question; "New iPhone Pics?". Uh, not exactly broheim.

"It's unlikely these are real. But it certainly wouldn't be a surprise if Apple sold iPhones in multiple colors this year."
The Business Insider wrote.

That much I'll agree with. Though I'd rather wait for Apple to deliver a new iPhone with their own fantastical vision of fruit-flavored goodness.
Big ups to the artist for dreaming outloud.

[Design by Inside Apple via Business Insider]

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