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Friday, May 15, 2009

Samsung S2, S3 MP3 Players First Look - Samsung Electronics is known for putting out MP3 players which are just as much about looks as they are about functionality. While the company's market share of MP3 players is no where near that of Apple, it still has loyal fans who enjoy the portable audio devices this top tier consumer electronics company produces.
Samsung has recently introduced two new MP3 players which walk that like between design and style. These are the S2 “Pebble” and S3 “Slim” MP3 players, which are designed to compete respectively with the iPod shuffle and iPod nano. The company has announced both of these products will debut in June 2008.

Samsung S2 “Pebble”:
Samsung's S2 “Pebble” MP3 player is, as the name implies, compact and circular. It looks like a rounded, polished stone available in white, black, red, green and purple body colors. It can hold 1GB, or up to 16 hours, of music of the MP3/WMA/OGG music file types and will get up to 13 hours of audio playback on one charge of its battery. This player can be recharged through a USB connection to your computer, which is also the way you manage music on it.
The controls of the S2 are on the backside of the player and include play/pause, volume, playback options and an audio enhancement option called DNSe 2.0. A special LED along the bottom, according to Samsung, flashes colors and patterns based upon the playback mode. The player weighs 0.03 pounds and has a built-in FM tuner as well.

Samsung S3 “Slim”:
The Samsung S3 “Slim” is more of a portable media player than a regular MP3 player. It is quite thin – 0.4 inches thick to be precise. It also weighs around 1.8 ounces and is about the size of a standard business card holder. It sports a 1.8-inch display screen and comes in green, red, blue, black and white body colors.
Storage options on the S3 include 4GB and 8GB. It is capable of playing MP3/WMA music files as well as MPEG-4 video files. It can also display JPEG images. Rechargeable battery life offers up to 25 hours of audio or four hours of video playback. Other features of note include DNSe 2.0 audio enhancement, a FM tuner/recorder and a built-in gaming option for playing Flash games.

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