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Friday, July 8, 2011

Must Know Keyboard Shortcuts to Enhance Your PC Productivity

I bet that most of you are unfamiliar with the shortcuts being illustrated here. Learn new keyboard shortcuts to speed up your workflow, and use your computer without using a mouse.  


Credits: openforum

Additional PC shortcuts contributed by the commenter:

Alt + Tab –> Go to next Application
Alt + Shift + Tab –> Go to former Application
Windows + R –> Launch Exec
Windows + E –> Launch Windows Explorer
Ctrl + w –> Close the tab
Ctrl + R –> Reload the tab
CTRL + W –> Close the current tab
Windows + D –> Show desktop (like Win + M)
Windows + E –> Launch explorer
Windows + R –> Show “Run” window
windows + U –>  Utility manager
windows + F11 –> Window Full Screen
CTRL + G –> In a browser, search on the page for the last term you searched
CTRL + K –> Focus on the search bar in Firefox
Ctrl + Tab in a browser –> Go to next tab
Ctrl + Shift + Tab in a browser –> Go to former tab

Feel free to share your favorite keyboard shortcuts.

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