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Friday, May 4, 2012

Discounted ACLEAN - Acne Therapy Device

ACLEAN - The Acne Therapy Device
Original Price PHP 5,000 - 61% off
Product Description

Pimple Remover Acne Treatment Therapy Device Skin Care Portable Made in Korea

ACLEAN ACNE therapy Device.

Name : ACNE Therapy Device
Size : 80 x 30 x 18(mm)
Power : DC 3.7V lion Battery
Lifetime : 2 min 30 sec. per once
Weight : 35g

What is Acne Treatment with new technology?

Thermal Shock System.
ACLEAN is the new technology and cures acne bacterium effectively to relax the skin rapidly.

Acne is inflammation of the sebaceous glands. it mainly occur on the face, back, or chest. acne is a sign of youth, and everyone goes through this condition at puberty.

Since acne can leave permanent, dimpled scars, this products is designed for early treatment.

Product Features

1. This products delivers heat, at a temperature ranging from 46.5 to 49.5 degrees, onto the affected area in order to induce protein responses, which helps to kill the P-acne.

2. By using this product two or three times in 24 hours, more than 90% of the acne will be able to be cured.

3. The heat used in this product, from 46.5 to 49.5 Degrees, will not damage  the skin.

4. This products efficiently reduces inflammatory responses to make the skin healthy.

The PID control chip installed to this product adjusts this products to a temperature of a certain range depending on skin type.

  • Pimple Curing Device
  • Compact Size
  • Easy to use
  • Smooth Ceramic Heating Tip
  • Safe to use
  • Handy
  • Made in Korea 

This is my first time to purchase from Mydeluxecity, one of the newly launched group buying site in Philippines. I'm hoping to have a wonderful buying experience with them.

Do acne device really work? Well, we'll find out ^.*


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