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Monday, December 26, 2011

Discounted Sound-Blasting Edifier Speaker System!

Original Price PHP 3,300 - 30% off

Only P2,310 for a 6 piece Edifier M1550 Multimedia speaker set! Experience sound domination with wood-enclosed sub woofer, front speaker, and satellite speakers.

  • Wood-enclosed, downward firing subwoofer delivers powerfully rich bass
  • 1 front speaker and 4 slim satellite speakers deliver awesome surround sound
  • Enjoy movies just like the cinema right at home
  • Built-in bass control via the subwoofer and headphone jack for personal listening pleasure
  • Matte black finish looks sleek and complement most flat screen TV’s
After buying the Silicone Drum Set, here I am again preparing for the 2012 New Year's Day Celebration! This time, I will sure rock my neighbors eardrums just like what they did to us on Christmas eve ^.*  I understand that they want to set the mood and enjoy the day, but I don't think it's right to disregard the fact that you have neighbors who can't stand a very loud music. Hahaha, enough of my ranting and start hitting the buy button to avail of this item from one of the best groupon philippines site.

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